Joel Klein Reflecting, Reform Symposium and Media Bullpen

Freakonomics Radio (NY Times) interviews outgoing New York City schools chancellor and EEP founder Joel Klein on his time running the country’s largest school district.  In the candid interview, the chancellor gives his tenure a grade and sheds light on his post-DOE future – especially that he is looking forward to spending more time with his wife and dog, Roger.
GOOD magazine covers The Reform Symposium, a new virtual conference where teachers across the globe will have the opportunity to come together to share fresh solutions to the challenges of modern schools.  The Symposium will take place Saturday January 8th.
The Center for Education Reform, led by EEP signatory Jeanne Allen, is preparing to launch “The Media Bullpen,” a new website which will analyze the day’s education news in real time, and attempt to hold the media accountable for what they produce.  Check out this sneak preview (pdf) of how the site will operate when it launches January 31, 2011.
n its E-Learning 2011 series, EdWeek tries to find best practices for blended learning, which currently has curricula that is “all over the map.”
EdWeek sits down with Susan D. Patrick, the president and chief executive officer of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning and discusses the impact of common core standards on e-learning.  Learn more about Common Core and e-learning here.
EdWeek reports that Gov. Rick Scott and former D.C. public schools chief (and EEP board member) Michelle Rhee visited a South Florida charter school Thursday to announce a partnership and tout their student-focused education agendas.

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