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How to Talk to Parents About Your School’s EdTech

It's only natural for parents to feel some concern over the use of EdTech in their children's schools. Here are some tips for educators and EdLeaders who are facing these concerns, along with some tools you can use to demonstrate EdTech's potential efficacy.

Early Learning

The Results Are In: Kindergarten Transition Programs Work

By: Philip dela Houssaye and Fernando Madrid. Starting kindergarten off on the right foot is one of the strongest indicators of a child’s success in school. Here are four key takeaways from our district’s Early Kindergarten Transition (EKT) program.


A Gifted Ed Teacher’s Secrets to Success

By: Stephen Noonoo. Gifted education teacher Alison Alowonle shares how she keeps her exceptional students (and their families) engaged in their learning process, as well as advice for those interested in getting involved as an educator in the space.


Partnering with Parents on Social-Emotional Learning

Because SEL is grounded in the understanding that the best learning emerges in the context of supportive relationships, partnering with parents and helping them understand the importance of SEL can have a dramatic impact on the development of our students.