Elementary School

Place Based Education

Inclusive and Homelike Bathrooms

As social-cultural conceptions of privacy, gender, race, and identity have evolved, anxieties and challenges have been illuminated related to the design, use, and interactions associated with public restrooms. Randy Fielding and Cierra Mantz shares more in their latest post.

Equity & Access

Finding Our Common Language

Susmita Pratihast, Project Director at BIRD-E, shares her experience with data and research in K12. She dives into the importance of quality research, in order to make educated decisions in the classroom.

Equity & Access

Five Strategies for Designing Schools to Support Educators

In many ways, the factors that spur teachers to change jobs or thrive are similar to those influencing employees in a corporate environment. Research can help develop facilities that attract and retain teachers, reduce stress and support the aspirations of educators.