Innov8: New Year, New Beginnings

This week's eight stories share how education is kicking off the new year right by ensuring the future of this country develops important skills they’ll need for future success in college, career and life.

Personalized Learning

Next-Gen High Schools

There's never been a better time to transform a classroom or open a new school, and here are several examples of next-gen schools currently paving the way for innovations in education.


Generic vs Coherent Teacher Prep

We’ve inherited sedimentary layers of local, state and federal EdPolicy--not system designed to prepare young people for the idea economy and not an easy system in which to teach. In contrast we know that good schools are coherent--everything is mission-aligned to benefit teachers and students. The benefits of purpose-built coherent teacher preparation hold the potential to extend quality learning for all teachers and students.

Personalized Learning

Building Micro-credential Momentum

Now that a growing number of organizations are creating and offering micro-credentials, the new challenge is to make them more valuable to educators by increasing the number of states, districts, and networks that recognize them as signals of professional growth.