Transforming Professional Learning With Micro-credentials

By Brenda A. Pearson. As a lifelong educator, my professional learning experiences have run the gamut from self-study to week-long intensive institutes. These experiences have increased my knowledge, but few bridged the gap by impacting my instructional practice. The distinction between an impact on knowledge and practice is at the crux…

Competency-Based Education

How Blockchain is Helping Dallas Students Tell Their Story

With growing interest in demonstrated competence over seat time and pedigree, how can schools help learners present a more complete picture of their capabilities? This new service is using distributed ledger technology to deliver value for students, schools, and employers.

Competency-Based Education

Rethinking the High School Credential

Most American youth don’t get what they need from high school. There are lots of reasons, but two root problems are how we’ve defined the finish line and how we communicate success. Here, we look at the current high school credentialing system and the questions we think need to be answered to drive progress.

Competency-Based Education

Credentialing America: How Impact Investing Can Help

For individuals, the right kind of education can boost employability. For communities, educational attainment correlates with better social, economic and personal outcomes for citizens. How can we spread access to high-quality credentials?

Competency-Based Education

A Simple, Free, Powerful Badging System

Badges occupy an interesting space in education. Everybody knows what they are, most people have at least one or two, and they hold a lot of promise for improving education. But they still don't see the widespread use one might expect. Here, we look at a company trying to change that.