Competency-Based Education

A Simple, Free, Powerful Badging System

Badges occupy an interesting space in education. Everybody knows what they are, most people have at least one or two, and they hold a lot of promise for improving education. But they still don't see the widespread use one might expect. Here, we look at a company trying to change that.


The Future of Jobs Training: 2 Promising Career Prep Pathways

By: Robyn Bagley. There will likely always be a place for the traditional route of higher education, but the demands of cost and time to the student are being reconsidered as employers are changing what they ultimately value. Here, I look at the shifting tides of career prep.


Innov8: New Year, New Beginnings

This week's eight stories share how education is kicking off the new year right by ensuring the future of this country develops important skills they’ll need for future success in college, career and life.