Competency-Based Education


Rethinking Time in Online Learning

In online learning, we often tout how one of its best attributes is flexibility. We talk about how online learning will allow students to learn at their own pace, and how we will meet them where they are. A case of this was talked about recently on CNN, an echo…

Personalized Learning

Making College/Career Ready Real

Grades are are a relic of the sorting-machine age-cohort model. Standards-based feedback is a small but critical step toward a personalized competency-based system that makes standards real on a daily basis.

Personalized Learning

Cohort v Competency

Relationships matter at work and at school but how they are formed and nurtured will be reshaped as we shift from classrooms to social groups on digital learning platform.

Personalized Learning

3 Big Ideas

Instant feedback from digital content will feed learning profiles which will personalize learning