Equity & Access

 Shane Doyle on Place and Story

Dr. Shane Doyle talks about his journey and contributions to Indian Education for All in Montana. He discusses his background and the importance of incorporating Indigenous perspectives in education, understanding the deep history of the land, and protecting sacred places.


David Conley on Next Generation Assessment

In the latest Getting Smart podcast, Dr. David Conley, a professor in the college of education at the University of Oregon, discusses his new book and offers 10 principles for better assessment—and a vision for how assessment can be integrated into learning.

Competency-Based Education

Michael Fullan Sees Global Momentum for Deep Learning

Michael Fullan is Canada’s gift to education. For half a century and with 45 books to his credit, Fullan has been the world’s most persistent and persuasive advocate for powerful learning experiences. Listen in to hear a conversation between Tom and Fullan about the potential for better high school credentials and how the assessment system is changing.