Equity & Access

Equity and access follows schools, frameworks and leaders who put equity at the center of what they do to create a level playing field for all students and remove any implicit bias in the curriculum or way that it’s taught. In a time of highlighted inequities, this is the most important work in education.

Equity & Access

10 Strategies Promoting Digital Access and Equity

Tremendous progress has been made in K-12 education over the last 20 years, but challenges remain in developing new personalized learning models. Here are 10 strategies that promote excellence and equity in K-12 schools in the digital learning age.

Equity & Access

Making Technology Just and Equitable

The new tech divide is between those who can use new tools to create value in the innovation economy and those who don’t. Here are eight things EdLeaders and policymakers can do to help make technology more just and equitable.

Equity & Access

3 Visions of Truly Inclusive Education

By: Jennifer D. Goldman, Karyn Lewis and Dr. Genevra Walters. In this post, we look at three educators' creative solutions that are making “readiness for all” a reality in their classrooms and libraries.

Early Learning

Early Learning as a Strategy for Achieving Equity

By: Rafael Otto. Far too many children are receiving an outdated education that will leave them behind in a competitive world and reinforce achievement and opportunity gaps. A focus on early learning could change that.


Three Connectivity Trends to Watch in 2017

By: John Harrington. There are big changes on the horizon, and 2017 could shape up to be an influential year for connectivity and learning across our country. Here are three trends to watch for next year.