Live Chat: Michael Horn, Disrupting Class

Michael Horn, co-author of "Disrupting Class" and Executive Director for Education and the Innosight Institute, has agreed to do a live chat with me and Andrew Barras on Wednesday, September 29. Right now the time is looking like 12Noon EST. Stay tuned for more details and links for the chat.

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Creating Demand for Change: Smart Parents

Bob Rothman writes that "a new book from Getting Smart offers suggestions for how parents can deepen learning for all students." Smart Parents: Parenting for Powerful Learning is creating an opportunity for parents to create and advocate for student-centered learning.

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Closing the STEM Gender Gap in K-12 Education: How Teachers Can Help

It is, unfortunately, no surprise that the gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) still exists – from primary school right up through STEM-related careers. Recent reports (call attention, once again, to the statistics: women earn disproportionately fewer STEM undergraduate degrees; women hold nearly 50% of all jobs in the US, but less than 25% of the STEM jobs; women with STEM degrees are more likely to work in education or healthcare than their male counterparts.


One-to-One Project Launches in Illinois

"Whether these students are at school, at play, at home or elsewhere, they will have access to anytime, anywhere learning. This immediate access is what they are used to in their daily lives with their iPhones and other mobile devices; we need to meet them in their digital world.”


Making Tech Work for Kids and Teachers

Advances in technology in the classroom often focus on how it is improving teaching and not learning. Why don't we invite students to help change the format and flow of the learning?

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Adaptive content: potential to change the curve

Adaptive content will be a game changer—the first real chance to change the learning productivity curve. By ‘adaptive content’ I mean: · Engaging: 2 & 3D animation, video, source documents · Personalized: a ‘play list’ targeted at learning level, by interest and modality · Networked:…


Giving Students a Voice

Zak Malamed is convinced that the “idea of student voice, as individual and organizational level, needs to be promoted” and as a student himself, he is working to make it happen.