Teachers, Did you Finish Your Summer Reading?!

The school year gets very busy, very fast. The freedom summer provides to browse and linger over reading- posts, articles and books of your choosing, content stemming from your passions and enhancing your own learning- will soon seem light years away. But before you go headfirst back into the classroom and into “teaching mode,” we want to “assign” 5 great posts from our awesome teacher bloggers. Don’t worry, it won’t take long, but we sure don’t want you starting school without finishing your summer reading!


GOOOOOAAAAL(s Need to Be Tracked)

by Adam Renfro

As the school year kicks off, goals are at the forefront of everyone’s minds, including administrators, teachers, parents and students. In this post, Adam not only reviews some great goal tracking apps, but also outlines the perfect strategies to use to ensure everyone becomes a high achiever this school year.


Lessons Learned from Reinventing the Research Project

by Susan Lucille Davis

Completely transforming a lesson or unit from one year to the next is hard, but in this day and age, it needs to be done. Still, no one said you had to do it alone! For example, research projects have been around almost as long as the concept of modern schooling but the way in which students research and present is constantly morphing at what can seem to be hyper speed. Take a few minutes to tap into the wisdom Susan Lucille Davis shares about the lessons she learned from bringing her students researching skills into the digital age.


5 Ideas for the One iPad Classroom

By Susan Oxnevad

There are many, many classrooms out there making due with the amount of technology they currently have. We know too well budgets don’t always have room to ensure every single classroom is fully equipped with one to one technology. Here are 5 great tips from Susan Oxnevad for any teacher with an iPad- whether it be just one or one to one, Susan proves even a small of amount of tech can really make a big impact on student learning.


Infinity: The Size of Today’s Classrooms

by John Hardison

Maybe this year you feel determined to flatten those classroom walls, teach your students about collaboration and get them connected to learning with students beyond their classroom. But where to start?! John shares the details of the lesson planning and the student experience he went through to accomplish this with his own students. His story is full of great details and explanations, so much that even if you aren’t teaching the same grade or subject as John, you will inevitably finish reading the post with great ideas and feeling inspired.


The Classroom as Makerspace

By Winifred Kehl

The “Makers” are taking over, and that’s a great thing! You would be hard pressed to try and find a city that is not offering a Maker event in the 2013-14 school year. But why wait for the event to happen? Winifred captures the thinking behind and offers the resources from the maker culture’s push to turn the classrooms into the actual maker spaces for kids. Why wait for the students to go to the Makerspaces… bring the makerspaces to them, all of them!

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson is a Media Specialist at The Madeleine School.

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