Washington State Falls Behind In EdReform

The Seattle Times reported this week that the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that the Legislature hasn't met constitutional obligations to pay for basic education in a lawsuit led by districts, educators, parents, and community groups against the state this week. Lawmakers, who convene this week, are expected to fully implement edreforms by 2018.

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How P2PU is Reshaping Professional Learning for K-12 Teachers

Professional learning for K-12 teachers is an exciting space with great demand and high payoff for successful models. However, much of the professional development currently done for in-service teachers reflects old, industrial-era models of learning: rows of desks, teachers standing front and center, seat time, and lecture. Current models of granting credit to teachers are similarly antiquated and are rarely designed to prompt innovation in the classroom.

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How We’ll Learn in 2013

Here are three big stories concerning education and learning that you'll be hearing about in the year ahead—and some pointers on how to think about them.

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Jobs: east coast principals, west coast biz dev

Revolution portfolio companies adding positions: 1. Director of Market Development for edu-web 2.0 Bay Area start up Company Description: Founded by key talent from leading social networking, digital content, and education management organizations, this new Bay Area company is developing…

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Funding Our Students Increases Efficiency

After two days of jury duty and experiencing the justice system, it is evident that the justice system and the education system are similar in the fact that they are optimized around bureaucrats rather than customers. Funding needs to follow the students, not school districts to make our education system more efficient.