NYC Event "Education: Reform and Possibility"

Wednesday Sept. 29 at 6pm SHAEL SURANSKY, Deputy Chancellor in the Division of Performance and Accountability, NYC Department of Education; CHARLES BARONE, Director of Federal Policy, Democrats for Education Reform; Dr. LEO CASEY, Ph. D., VP of Academic High Schools, United Federation of Teachers


Sealing the Digital Gap

National Journal asks: In education, how should technology be used to close the digital gap rather than exacerbate it? What can policymakers do to help advance the promise of technological benefits in the classroom? EEP Signatories Tom Vander Ark and former Florida governor Jeb Bush have already offered their opinions.


ASU Boosts Completion Rates With Data & Developmental Math

Dean Regier said completion rates for his online students--mostly working adults with prior college credits--are different than they are for 18 year old freshman but the basics still apply: build a foundation of basic skills, track progress, and get them on a path to a degree that makes sense for them.


Teached — Film Clip

Kelly Amis, a former corps member of Teach for America, is making a film about the systemic gaps in the American education infrastructure.

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Rocketship Ready to Takeoff

Rocketship Education a charter network in development in San Jose, is working hard to create the future.  It’s an early hybrid–a blend of online and onsite learning. Kids spend about a fifth of their time learning basic skills online; this allows Rocketship to run a long day/year program and…

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Happy 2nd Bday: Chrome & Edmodo

Google's browser Chrome is about to overtake Firefox as the top TechCrunch reading browser. Edmodo added user number 500,000 today--what a cool birthday present. Teachers love Edmodo because it makes it easy and safe to share the web.


Good Work: Sector Advance People

Association leaders don't just serve their members, they try to advance the sector by deliver value while leading them to a better place. It requires understanding and corralling lots of different views, building and maintaining a Rolodex of connections, and developing and executing multi-faceted change strategy. These folks travel constantly and don’t make as much as they could in the private sector. Their commitment to advancing the field and improving outcomes for kids is inspiring.

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10 edu-entrepreneurial opportunities

With the Race to the Top language out, it’s time to refine the list of opportunities for education entrepreneurs (both .org & .com). From largest to niche size they include: 1. School improvement: between RTT, Inovation, and School Improvement, there will be a couple billion…