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Personalized Learning

Student Voices of Nexus Academy of Lansing

Students at Nexus Academy of Lansing take ownership over their learning, work at their own pace, and discover their passions. English teacher Lindsay Penny asked to her students what works for them at Nexus. Here’s what they had to say...


Why Should We Teach Storytelling? 5 Reasons to Start Today

Students, now more so than ever, need to be telling their stories. If we wish to prepare students to mobilize and take action on our most pressing issues, we need to be training students to tell stories that speak to shared values to generate collective action.

Personalized Learning

PhotoBlog | iNACOL Symposium 2015

iNACOL's Blended & Online Learning Symposium is the best opportunity to network with fellow education leaders and to learn the many ways that learning is playing out in the field. Here is a snapshot of what we saw at #iNACOL15 in Orlando.

Difference Making

Harnessing Uncertainty as a Learning Tool

When it comes to how we learn, rarely is something more impactful than navigating uncertainty. Deeper Learning happens when people are in situations where they must simultaneously learn, apply thinking, and reflect.


Alma: A Holistic Student Engagement Platform

One part student information system (SIS), and another learning management system (LMS), Alma’s main goal is to reclaim administrative and instructional time for schools and districts balancing multiple systems.


Third Metric Living: Well-being, Wonder, Wisdom and Giving

In Arianna Huffington's new book she explains that right now too many of us define success by two measures: money and power. Redefining success beyond money and power is possible through practices that align with what she describes as third metric living.