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Dr. Justin Aglio is the founding senior director for the Readiness Institute at Penn State. In addition to his duties at Penn State, he is a visiting LearnLab fellow at Carnegie Mellon University, Getting Smart columnist, and a member of the Remake Learning network.Prior to assuming his role at Penn State, Dr. Aglio was an award-winning educator, serving as a teacher, principal, and district leader. He started several all-new initiatives in public education, including the first K–12 artificial intelligence program in America, and was selected as a participant in the 2015 Presidential Maker Roundtable discussion at the White House. You can connect with him on Twitter: @JustinAglio.

Students Use AI Virtual Assistant to Prepare Peers for High School

Students at David E. Williams Middle School use an AI Virtual Assistant to help students prepare for high school.

AI4ALL: Learning in Beta

Eleven students from the Montour School District recently participated in an intro to AI workshop using AI4ALL’s Open Learning program, a free platform designed to teach students to build their own AI project for social good.

Dear Novice Teacher, Let’s Talk Data

By: Dr. Justin Aglio and Anna Myers. Justin and Anna discuss how to help all educators, specifically novice teachers, understand the importance and significance of data in education.
Montour Showcase

Educators, Civic Leaders, Businesses and More Unite For Student AI Showcase

On January 22nd, the Montour School District opened its doors for a special “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Grand Showcase” event to showcase the first AI middle school program in America. In this post Justin Aglio, Director of Academic Achievement and District Innovation at Montour School District, provides a recap.

An Inside Look – America’s First Public School AI Program

Earlier this school year, Montour School District launched a new Artificial Intelligence program. To date, hundreds of classes have already been taught to students in areas of AI Ethics, AI Autonomous Robotics, AI Computer Science, and AI Music. In this post, Director of Academic Achievement and District Innovation at Montour, Dr. Justin Aglio, provides an update and look to the future for "America’s first Artificial Intelligence Middle School program".

10 (Interpersonal) Traits of Innovative School Leaders

There is no perfect recipe to be an effective and innovative school leader. However, there are traits and interpersonal skills that are essential to the mindset. This post explores what those are.This post explores the traits and interpersonal skills that are essential to the mindset of successful innovative leaders

A Tool for Finding Better Ways Forward in Everyday Challenges: Innovators’ Compass

What is the Innovators' Compass? It's a powerful tool that helps people move forward in any challenge, big or small—in one usable, shareable picture.