EdTech 10: Going for Gold

Are you tired of Olympic-themed everything yet? We aren’t! (Obvi.) This week we’re going for Gold with updates on everything from a mastery-based school district in Idaho to Snapchat and learning to code. No green pools here. So dive across the finish line with us, smile for your close-up and check out this week’s top ten.

Cool Schools & Tools

1. Wilder Mastery-Based Education

2. Blended & Online Scholarship Success

Digital Developments

3. EdTech Developer Invitation

Looking for EdTech for your classroom? Here are 3 Factors to Consider on Your Back-to-School EdTech Hunt
4. What Will Schools Look Like In 2066?

Here’s what we think learning will look like in 20 years.

Dollars & Deals

5. $45M for Startup Educator Galvanize

Last week General Assembly–the pioneer in blended design, tech, and management training– announced they were expanding from 15 to 25 cities.
6. Texas Instruments Powering STEM With $4.5M

7. $48M in TRIO EOC Grants for College Readiness

An excellent investment in our future, as we recently shared how College Degrees More Important Than Ever.

Stem Gems

8. Outdoor STEM Tools

We are all about learning outdoors–check out our Place-Based Education Campaign here!
9. Teaching Teens To Code

In addition to teens learning coding, How Do We Prepare Teachers to Teach Coding?

Policy Pieces

10. New #PLearning and #CBE Policy Blog

For more, see:

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