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Personalized Learning

Civic Education: Can Games Make the Grade?

By: Victoria Van Voorhis. Game-based learning invites students to experience subjects such as civics for themselves in new ways, motivating them to learn even more about the content.

Project-Based Learning

4 Strategies to Bring History to Life For Students

By: Sophia Sineath. It can be difficult for teachers to find the time to explore inquiry-based learning, but here are four strategies to help unlock the power of history for students by discovering the primary resources found in local archives.

Personalized Learning

In Defense of Liberal Arts AND Employability

A liberal arts degree can be a great foundation for work and life. Students pursuing a liberal arts degree should build a portfolio of work based learning evidence and have a first job in mind approach graduation. Likewise, students aiming for technical employment shouldn’t be shortchanged when it comes to skills that will power lifelong learning and opportunity.