High school


Feature School: Northwest Passage

We need to pursue a system of public education that endorses schools like Northwest Passage and that embraces them as part the norm, rather than perpetuate a system that holds them at arm’s length.


Pearson Foundation Report Shows Retention Success

The Pearson Foundation teams up with former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Secretary for Education Arne Duncan to reveal "Building a Grad Nation," a study that takes account of successes in retention and preventing dropouts in our nation's schools.

Personalized Learning

A Bridge to College

Strive for College helps build the bridge to the best possible post secondary decision for students


Newark Struggles in Graduation and College Achievement

According to outgoing Newark Superintendent Clifford Janey, "Only slightly more than half (52 percent) of our students graduate high school within four years, based on the new, more accurate graduation rate adopted by National Governors Association." See a report inside that details statistics about Newark's school and student achievement.