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There Is No Local Control

Local control of education is an American anachronism corrupted beyond repair in urban areas and antiquated by innovation

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Why the Feds Matter Less

Despite a dysfunctional do-nothing congress, the learning revolution will march on quickly and quietly creating new options for students and families.


Hewlett's Quest for Deeper Learning

Hewlett Foundation wants every student to have the opportunity to think critically, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively they way the do in SF's Envision Schools

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Build a Flexible Frame for Teacher Eval

Teacher effectiveness should be based largely on performance but we need to build flexible systems and evaluation language to incorporate new data from better sources including content-embedded assessment.

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Credit Recovery vs. Dropout Recovery

EdWeek made it seem like online credit recovery is something new, but folks have been at it for 15 years. New dropout recovery models like AdvancePath and PLC build a web of support that gets kids back on track.

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Don't Derail Reform

Old news by now, but Obey's midnight raid of RttT is a terrible idea and likely to be killed by Senate

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Dear Arne

Duncan should encourage states to leave room for assessment innovation, push blended learning, and encourage public-private partnerships