Ed Policy

EdReform in the Modern Era

American education reform has been driven by some recurring themes such as early learning, standards-based reform, school autonomy, student engagement and new personalized learning. Here is a short history.

Ed Policy

EdReform Revived

At a recent Center for Education Reform forum, a group of education advocates, researchers and policymakers held a discussion around reviving EdReform that resulted in these 10 takeaways.

Equity & Access

On Equity in Education. Both Kinds.

By: Matt Candler. For too long, we’ve focused on the fairness and justice part of equity in education, but too rarely have we also been concerned with sharing its ownership. Let's do both.

Personalized Learning

25 Simple Tips for Students to Boost Their ACT

This week, numerous states are administering the ACT to junior high school students statewide. As a mother of one of these juniors, Mary shares 25 test taking tips to help students boost their ACT performance.