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Project-Based Learning

5 Emerging Trends in Project-Based Learning

By: Rosie Clayton. How will innovative strategies such as internship integration and games-based learning impact the future of project-based learning? Here are five examples of schools pushing boundaries of PBL.

Place Based Education

Teaching Empathy Through Place-Based Education

By: Jenny Pieratt. While searching for a way to teach my students both empathy and content, I discovered the solution through place-based learning as we interacted, engaged and connected with our community.


Innovative Urban Education in Denver

If we are going to break the effects of generational poverty and bring high quality learning opportunities to every person on the planet, we have to invest in urban education innovation. Here are several Denver innovation schools we recently visited.


Why School System Leaders Need to be Systems Thinkers

By: Jason Riberio. Part of a difficulty that education organizations experience is that they are rarely viewed as systems and thus not treated as such. What if systems thinking could help education stakeholders understand just how interconnected the work we do is (or could be)?