blended learning

Future of Work

Early Entrants Into the Field of Teaching Blockchain

The blockchain technology market is rapidly growing and according to the largest global freelancing website, Upwork, the demand for blockchain job skills grew six thousand percent in just the first quarter of this year. In this post, Tom explores different programs to help learn these skills.

Ed Policy

Exploring Accountability in K-12 Digital Education

Digital learning is rapidly growing and evolving. In this new policy brief we answer several pressing questions: What factors are influencing enrollment in digital learning? What is the current state of accountability for digital learning? How can we align school leader and policymaker expectations?

Personalized Learning

How Can We Truly Meet Students Where They Are At?

Competency-based education is a system of instruction where students advance to higher levels of learning when they demonstrate mastery of concepts and skills. In this setting, learning doesn’t rely on time, place or pace.