STEM & Maker

Full STEAM Ahead: PBL & the Arts in 2018

Too often, however, we relegate the fine, creative, and performing arts to drama, creative writing, and art class electives, rather than incorporating them into our instruction of STEM subjects like math, computer science, or physics.


Balancing Choice, Collaboration and Community

As the facilitator of my student’s learning, I do need to retain ownership of some aspects of their learning. But if I am to truly create writers who write things that the world will want to read, I’ve got to open the world up to them.

Network Effect

South Fayette Schools: A Computational Carnival for Kids

What do you get when you combine a makerspace, science fair and coding bootcamp? South Fayette School District, the best example of integrated computational thinking we’ve seen in K-12 education. Learn more in the second entry of our 6-part #RemakeLearning series here.

Smart Lists

Smart List: 20 Music & Art Resources

We’ve greatly enjoyed spending November looking at the various shapes creativity can take in education. To end the month on a strong note, here are 20 music and art resources that can be useful for a continued expansion of your students’ creativity.

Future of Learning

Education in the Innovation Economy

By: John Eger. Many tech CEOs prefer employees with liberal arts degrees, as “the liberal arts train students to thrive in subjectivity and ambiguity, a necessary skill in the tech world where few things are black and white.” Learn more here.

Project-Based Learning

Philadelphia Is Reimagining Arts & Creativity Education Programming

By: Erik Day and Emily Liebtag. With their new Arts & Creativity Framework, Philadelphia is rethinking what arts education means and bringing it into the 21st century with a replicable strategy focused on stakeholder voice, resource allocation and community engagement.