This Smart Cities series was a two year investigation with hundreds of contributors who helped us catalog innovations in America’s great cities. Working with 60 thought leaders, we developed a Smart Cities leadership framework that has the potential to yield dramatic improvement in learning experiences and opportunities from early learning to job training. We identified keys to education and employment: including innovation mindset, sustained leadership, talent development, collective impact, aligned investment, incubation of new tools and schools, and policy advocacy.

Smart Cities That Work for Everyone

As the majority of the world’s population becomes urban, cities must become centers of learning for young and old. Every person, organization and region needs to get smart—to skill up, learn more and build new capacities faster and cheaper than ever. In the long run, education is the economic development agenda. Innovative new tools and schools are making it possible for individuals, organizations, and cities to boost learning outcomes. Most learning innovations occur in ecosystems—and these unique environments begin with leadership and an innovation mindset.