Getting Smart on Reinventing Education: How a Pittsburgh Network is Remaking Learning

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This Smart Bundle was published by Getting Smart in partnership with the Grable Foundation. The content is part of a series on reinventing learning that features the Remake Learning network in Pittsburgh. Remake Learning is a loose network comprised of 250 organizations, which includes schools, 67 districts, universities, libraries, startups, nonprofits and museums. The network is focused on igniting “engaging, relevant, and equitable learning practices in support of young people navigating rapid social and technological change.”

In the Reinventing Learning Bundle, Tom Vander Ark shares his recent learnings from several members of the Remake Learning network: South Fayette Schools, Carnegie Mellon University, Montour Schools, and Propel Schools. The Remake Learning members profiled show the powerful and positive outcomes that can occur in teaching and learning when organizations are networked together and dedicated to a common goal. Highlights from our time with the Remake Learning network included:

  • Unpacking how South Fayette Schools has developed an integrated approach towards K-12 computational thinking.
  • Seeing a university (Carnegie Mellon University) partnership with districts in action, as CMU has worked to provide learning opportunities in areas such as educational research, AI computing and robotics.
  • Experiencing a variety of robust learning experiences for students in Montour Schools which include: LEGO Makerspaces, Minecraft Education Labs and sensory rooms.
  • Understanding how the Propel Schools Network goes about their work to provide innovative, student-centered learning for 4000 students in underserved Pittsburgh communities.

We compiled these experiences into a publication entitled Getting Smart on Reinventing Education: How a Pittsburgh Network is Remaking Learning. We hope that this resource will give schools, districts and organizations ideas for how they might develop or benefit from a network to transform the teaching and learning in their environment, and ensure it is engaging, relevant and equitable for all students.

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To learn more about what’s possible with the Network Effect, see:

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