Town Hall Recap: Next Generation Learning Goals

Town Hall

On this Getting Smart Town Hall, we highlighted various Portraits of a Graduate, Graduate Profiles, and Student Learning Goals with hopes of identifying a set of learner capabilities and skills that will prepare young people for whatever is next. We were joined by Tim Taylor of America Succeeds who helped shine a light on Durable Skills, conversations with industry leaders and much more. 

The conversation hinged on important work being done at the state and district level to succinctly identify the skills of the future generation. With recent advances in technology and additional turning points, we have a new opportunity to consider the role of human beings and create generations of young people who have a better grasp on which problems need solving, how to identify them and what their purpose might be. 

From Slides for Town Hall

We have to do better at being asset vs. deficit focused when we talk with our young people, especially if we want to prepare them for a future they choose for themselves.

Susan Enfield

Chris Sturgis shared: “This conversation is making me think about executive function (EF).  Our elementary school teachers are usually intentional about helping kids build that set of critical cognitive skills. But then it just drops off and we start to penalize kids as having behavioral issues when they don’t have EF.  Are we going to be able to help kids develop some of these durable skills if teachers aren’t prepared to help coach kids in EF (and to make sure kids actually understand them, the role they play in learning, and that they can get better).”

As always, we had some great resources shared by our audience. Check out all of the mentions at the button below.

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