Town Hall Recap: Educating All Learners

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On this Getting Smart Town Hall, we were joined by Erin Mote from Educating All Learners Alliance and Karla Phillips-Krivickas from Think Inclusion to discuss some of the core challenges facing learners with disabilities, some of the most pressing topics circling the learning disability field and to highlight exemplars who are responding well to these pressures and challenges.

It’s not about are we adding seats to the table, it’s about are we breaking the table?

Erin Mote

To kick-off, Rebecca Midles discussed some of the core shifts in leading and teaching that are directly applicable to better serving these students: Universal Design of Learning (UDL) and co-teaching. UDL is a framework developed to switch the focus from “fixing” students so they can be successful in the curriculum to fixing the curriculum so that it’s accessible to more students from the beginning. Co-teaching is when two teachers (more than 2 is referred to as team or collaborative teaching) co-plan, co-instruct and co-assess. In this scenario, all students are full members of their co-taught class.

Students shouldn’t need a label to get accommodations and support.

Karla Phillips-Krivickas

In a recent piece for Getting Smart, Karla Phillips-Krivickas busted a few myths about learners with disabilities, sharing a few foundational facts:

Some things we’re still thinking about…

  • How might ChatGPT and other AI tools assist IEPs?
  • How might IEPs be better leveraged to serve all students along pathways? (Blog from Karla)

Getting Smart Staff

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