Smart Work

Our Smart Work series features organizational/leadership strategies and tips, technologies/tools supporting our work or that of others.


Friday Five: AI is Everywhere

This week was all about AI, along with some big fundraising wins. Check out Tom's weekly recap of whats new in the space, what our team has been up to this week and what you need to know as you head into the weekend.

Future of Learning

Friday Five: Notes From The Frontier

Check out the first in our new series called "Friday Five". Learn about what we've been thinking and writing about this week, whats new, where our team's been and how you can contribute.


Investing in a More Inclusive Tech Sector

The tech industry is deluding itself if it thinks it can make the world a better place without representing women equally. Here’s how three women are changing tech venture capital funding to be more inclusive and bring more women to the table.


Re-Up on Your Goals, Get SMART(er²)

While it is convenient with the start of a new calendar year, there is never a wrong time to set goals. Just be sure to respect the process and allot the appropriate amount of time to do it right. Here are some useful strategies that we like.

Smart Work

The Road to Solutions

Over the last month, our family vehicle has been having issues. The battery died once, we gave it a jump and didn’t think about it again. Two weeks later, it would not start again. Here's what we learned about solving problems through the process.