Smart Cities

This book and series was created from a two year investigation project launched to discover the civic formula required to dramatically boost learning outcomes and employability. For more visit our Smart Cities book page.

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UChicago Takes On Big Challenges with Urban Labs

UChicago is may be the best example of the positive impact of applied research in K-12 education. With efforts like the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute and UChicago Urban Labs, the Windy City has something to celebrate when it comes to K-12.

Personalized Learning

Five Trends Demand Smart States

Innovation is sustained by advocacy and policy, and that makes the role of state leadership and policy essential. Smart Cities focuses on urban areas, but these keys apply to states as well. State leaders should aspire to creating an environment that works for everyone.


How Pittsburgh Created An Innovation Hub For Learning

By: Gregg Behr. Foundations in Pittsburgh asked, "Can we build a region-wide learning network that expands opportunities for kids to learn anytime, anywhere?" Millions have been invested over the past decade to nurture a new model built on the themes of “cluster development” and the structures that makes innovation happen.


SXSWedu: Smart Cities

Every region needs to improve learning opportunities fast. This was the focal point of the discussion at SXSWedu that engaged contributors of the recently published 'Smart Cities' book.


The Leadership it Takes to Create Smart Cities

Leaders of Smart Cities need a vision of a better future, capacity and political capital, knowledge of current tools, new ways of learning and working, and community agreements to create environments that work better for students and teachers.


How Smart Cities Develop Teachers & Leaders

How smart cities and a regional approach to talent development can share the load and create an ecosystem that continues to improve. And, how a blended and job-embedded approach to talent development creates the opportunity for personalized learning and ensures highly relevant support for real challenges.