Smart Cities

This book and series was created from a two year investigation project launched to discover the civic formula required to dramatically boost learning outcomes and employability. For more visit our Smart Cities book page.


LearnLaunch: Boosting Boston EdTech

Boston has been a top education city for centuries and recently emerged as the #4 EdTech hotbed largely thanks to LearnLaunch, perhaps the most successful education ecosystem catalyst to date.


EdTech 10: Smart Cities

It's officially Smart Cities Week, and we're celebrating with a blog sharing the 7 key attributes of “cities that work for everyone,” a Smart Cities book giveaway and ten new edtech stories.


New Schools Flourish in Phoenix

We've been visiting cities all over the country and, for places like Phoenix, it's clear that any city making progress in education is doing so with an active intermediation layer.


On Learning, Productivity & Economic Growth

Advances in public health, improved economic opportunity, urbanization, technology innovation, or the expansion of democracy are all important trends. But I’d argue that, with some relation to all of these, expanded access to learning is the most important.


Bay Blends Advance Personalized Learning

When it comes to innovation, the Bay Area is a great place to see a wide range of schools doing great things. From public options for montessori to design thinking models that challenge traditional school, we were inspired to see the options that are available for students in the Bay Area.