SMARTtech Roundup: From Blended Learning to Big Data

Blended Schools & Tools Blended Schools Sprouting. Vail Blended Learning is a new blended middle school in Arizona that uses laptops as its main learning tool using online content developed by K12 Inc., e2020, and VBL Curriculum and Instruction. Students have a flexible daily schedule and move through…


Some Choose Wisely

Chad Wick’s contribution to Cincinnati, Ohio, and American education were celebrated on Wednesday at the Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Chad is stubborn, he just won’t accept the injustice that he sees in Ohio. Chad lives in the future, he’s just waiting for the rest of us to catch up with him. Chad lives as if “All means All.”


Good Work: A Grandmother’s Lesson on Integrity

There are three components to integrity on the job: honesty, delivery, and consistency. Integrity’s reward is the credibility that it fosters with others. It is the simple but important foundation for any meaningful relationship. It is the satisfaction of delivering as promised.

Personalized Learning

Kansas City: A Great Education Improvement Story

In what may be the most improved urban American district, Kansas City, Kansas achieved results by a sustained focus on rigor and relationships. They started with a new goal—college and career readiness (a novel idea ten years ago). They got to know their students, they got them in the right courses, and the teachers got on the same page about good teaching.