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Wikispaces For Designing Common Core Activities

Are you wondering where to begin to adopt the Common Core ELA standards? While there are many individual standards to sift through, it’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture to gain an understanding of the importance of the teacher’s role in designing learning experiences to facilitate a more active classroom that supports students as producers.


Good Work: Candidates & Causes

I appreciate the folks that ran for office for all the right reasons--especially those that were not able to finance their own campaigns. Running for office requires constant groveling for donations, being exposed to malicious claims, and a grinding campaign schedule. Following are 3 good things to come from election 2012 and three bad things.


SMARTtech Roundup: Edmodo, Rapping Teachers & Math Apps

Blended Schools & Tools Be heard. The USDOE’s Karen Cator wants to know what ED can do to support teaching and learning over the next four years. We think this is a great chance to tell Karen about all the great blended learning happening across the country. Add your comments.

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Why a Badge Is Better Than an A+

We are not totally gamifying our classrooms or currently using Edmodo, so this year I was not really considering the possibility of awarding my students digital badges. That is, until I recently came across this awesome site and FREE web tool for teachers, and I knew I had to have these for my students.


Customize Your Edmodo Account

Parents can also sign up for a free account and become a virtual teacher for their kids, too. If they have “extra” work for them to do, Edmodo is the perfect place to manage it. Push out extra school work, study times or household chores right from Edmodo.

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Need to Energize Your Class? Just Add Wax & Be Still

These stagnant classrooms, indicated by boredom-induced silence, constant class disruptions, or mediocre student work examples, benefit greatly from the implementation of interactive learning structures. One such learning model that is sure to invigorate any lesson is the "Wax Museum" learning structure created in Studio 113.


SMARTtech Roundup: This Week’s Digital Developments

Blended Schools & Tools A new study from Cisco found the magic number: 67 percent. That is: 67 percent percent of educators report that students who participate in blended learning also improve their test scores by 67 percent. Louisiana announced the list of potential “Course Choice” Providers…

Personalized Learning

5 Instructional Shifts to Promote Deep Learning

Technology is a powerful tool for learning that can be used effectively to help students develop the skills necessary to succeed in school and beyond. Students can develop transferrable knowledge and skills as they engage in learning experiences that require them to construct knowledge. In order to facilitate these types of deep learning experiences, an adjustment in traditional instructional practices is necessary. These ideas are supported by the Common Core State Standards.


Good Work: Back to School Apologies

To all the educators going back to school, thanks for your commitment to kids and their academic success. Sorry it’s so hard. Tools, conditions, and career options are getting better fast. Stick with it. Don't wait for the rest of us.