SEL & Mindset

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the deliberate commitment to including a framework of essential skills and dispositions that complement academics but historically have not been a part of curricular design. Learners acquire and effectively apply the skills necessary for self-regulation or managing and talking about emotions, forming relationships, setting goals and demonstrating empathy during their learning.

Equity & Access

Does Your Curriculum Have a Growth Mindset?

By: Susan Santone. Cultural relevance and social action can help kids shift the narrative of their lives and futures, encouraging their optimism, agency and collaboration--all elements of the growth mindsets needed for academic and SEL development.

Difference Making

5 Keys to Successfully Start Your Career

By: Cary J. Green, PhD. You learn in the classroom and through real world experience, but soft skills will increase your effectiveness as you enter the workforce. Here are five valuable soft skills to know to begin a successful career.

Personalized Learning

Personalizing Post High School Readiness

By: Jennifer Ghidiu. The question of how to best set up our students for success in life is not a question of getting them access to college. The most important question is what individual pathway is best for each student.