Place Based Education

Place-Based Education (PBE) is anytime, anywhere learning that leverages the power of place, and not just the power of technology, to personalize learning. We’ve recently released a new book, The Power of Place: Authentic Learning Through Place-Based Education, which focuses on how PBE is an immersive learning experience that “places students in local heritage, cultures, landscapes, opportunities and experiences, using these as a foundation for the study of language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and other subjects across the curriculum.” PBE is also a natural complement to Personalized and Project-Based Learning, providing a way to connect these efforts to students’ local environment for engaging learning that leads to more engaged citizens.

Place Based Education

Edible School Yard: A Place to Influence Interdisciplinary Skills

The Environmental Charter School takes students outside of the classroom to discover local learning and cross-disciplinary applications in the school’s Edible Schoolyard (ESY). Students not only learn how to garden and cook, but they also draw connections to real world issues and current studies.

Place Based Education

The Power of Place

“The Power of Place” describes how schools have adopted place-based programs as a way to better engage students and the idea of community as the classroom is more relevant today than ever before.

Place Based Education

Crosstown High: Innovative Memphis School in a Vertical Urban Village

One of the most innovative schools in the country is located in one of the most innovative buildings in the country. Students at Crosstown High spend most of their school day on the fourth and fifth floor of Crosstown Concourse, a million-square-foot renovated Sears office and distribution center opened in 2017 just east of downtown Memphis

Future of Learning

HopSkipDrive: Safe Ride Share for Kids

What if kids could use ride share services to travel to their internship or get home after soccer practice? HopSkipDrive, a Los Angeles startup, has solved this problem with a safe transportation solution for families and schools.