Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is a mindset and approach to teaching that focuses on meeting each learner where they are and tailoring a curriculum that considers their interests, prior knowledge and skill level, and pace. Such a demand on the teacher requires sophisticated usage of technology in a combination of personalized, blended and online learning.

Personalized Learning

More than Words

Breanna Morsadi and Shane Krukowski explore how building connections with students to support meaningful feedback provides authentic learning experiences for learners.

Personalized Learning

Now is the Time to Build a New Field in Education

Whether you are in the pursuit of learner-centered education in your community or you hold a different vision, consider the power of distinguishing what you are working towards. Lindsy Ogawa shares how Education Reimagined envisions a new path forward.

Future of Learning

A new school year – or a new era?

In this op-ed, Anne Olderog, Aya Asali, and Zenia Tangri of the consulting firm Vivaldi, explore the school year ahead, and how educators have the opportunity, amidst the ongoing pandemic, to take what they’ve learned and sharpen new tools and methods of teaching to evolve this upcoming new school year into a new era of educational learning.