EdTech 10: Trick or Tweet

Happy Halloween! In celebration of día de los muertos we are dressing up EdTech 10 by sharing stories through tweets from Team Getting Smart. No tricks, just sweet treat tweets.

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i3 Reviews

Had five conversations about i3 in the last 24 hours: Three focused on applicant eligibility.  There is a very high bar for applicants.  Read this section carefully.  It requires a very strong track record of student achievement with a couple exceptions for nonprofits producing results leading to achievement.  Don’t apply…


Kids Sharing Content

Remembering that it was difficult to find a future in the education he was receiving, Andy Russell started Launchpad Toys, a company that brings suites of content creating tools and platforms to kids to share worldwide.

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Private Capital in Public Education-Feedback

1. Response from the Gadfly: But, of course, there’s a profound trade off. Vendors are not reformers. Consultants are not agitators. Advisors are not change agents. Okay, maybe they’re gradual change agents over the very long haul. In real political cycles, however (and in the…


Our 10 Favorite Websites & Blogs

This week, we’d like to showcase some of our favorite websites and blogs for information around innovations and learning. Taking Note Taking Note, written by former PBS and NPR reporter John Merrow, is an extension of Learning Matters, which is an independent media production company…

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Urban showdown coming in RttT states

While bloggers were disappointed by a series of blob-friendly compromises, I’m mostly bullish on final RttT language primarily for an important clause that will result in real improvement in the nation’s worst schools. Flypaper said, “It appears high inspiration was tempered by the various and messy forces of…

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$3.5B for school improvement will benefit charters/services

This EdWeek blog is a good summary of the USED guidance $3.5B Title 1 school improvement fund. Each state will receive an allotment and will distribute it to districts that agree to enact one or more of the four prescribed strategies: · Turnaround: replacing at least…