Georgia Families Get Virtual Charters Boost

Georgia Families for Public Virtual Education (GFPVE) applauds the Georgia Chamber of Commerce for its public support of the charter school law, House Bill (HB) 881. The Chamber filed a brief with the Georgia State Supreme Court last week arguing state-authorized schools provide a strong alternative to traditional brick and mortar public schools and locally authorized charter schools.

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High School Wind Energy Project Inspires College Careers in STEM

Wind is the fastest growing source of renewable energy in the world today and the students at Camden Hills Regional High School in Rockport, Maine, have learned that first hand. Six months after the commissioning of the school’s NPS 100 wind turbine, the students, teachers and community have grown accustomed to the 121-foot-tall, sleek white tower that stands next to the athletic fields.


Shifting Teachers

Sarah Weston, curriculum director at the Open High School of Utah, is mentioned in this blog article about how educators have shifted the way they teach by using resources on the web.

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Advice to states on RttT

In general, states should use RttT as an opportunity to advance accountability, choice, and teacher/leader effectiveness (see EEP policy papers) and the innovation agenda.  Following are thoughts on the four required categories and bonus categories. Standards & Assessments Adopt Common Core Adopt statewide guidance & college access system…

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2015 Edu-Resolutions, Behavior Change, and Idealism

Resolutions aren’t about idealistic goals that you have no intention of keeping. It's about behavior change. It’s about completely altering the way you choose to make a difference and then making the monthly, weekly, or daily decisions to act.


Report: From Remediation to Acceleration

Jobs for the Future released "From Remediation to Acceleration: Early Lessons from Two Philadelphia Back on Track Schools," a report that discusses how to bring students in drop-out recovery programs up to speed and ready for college, this October.

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A Tale of Three States: The Next Chapter

By: Karla Phillips. Each of these states has the same goal: identify the resources, policies and communication strategies needed for successful implementation and broader scaling. Here's where they're at.