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Expanding the Reach of Online Learning to Special Education Students

Online and blended learning are not just for the general education population. Together, Fuel Education and PresenceLearning will deliver an integrated, online solution in which schools and districts can enroll special education students through a personalized learning platform.

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Coding for the Future

Coding and Computer Science can support the next generation of learners — learners who will tackle even the most challenging of problems with anticipation and drive. We are amidst the Hour of Code, but we also must encourage our schools to be ready to take it to the next level. What will you do after your hour?

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Transforming Education, That Deserves an Award

Seven schools and districts were recognized by the personalized learning solution provider Fuel Education for their innovative work in the online and blended learning space.

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Blended Learning Decisions in Action

In our Blended Learning Implementation Guide, we outline 5 decisions key to successful start up of a blended learning program. Midway is a great example of these decisions in action — decisions made in the name of bettering education for students


Math on Facebook: A Love/Hate Relationship

Let's dive into what math on Facebook looks like and why it is important to promote a positive message of the subject. A scan from this week’s feed results in 3 Loves and 3 not so much’s - a sampling of my love/hate relationship with math on Facebook.

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Building Student-Centered High School Math Classrooms

Student-centered learning provides huge promise for a shift in the way that students engage with math — both academically and emotionally. Here we look at recent research to support the idea that a personalized approach to mathematics increases student understanding and happiness.