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Personalized Learning

Formative Assessment To Initiate Personalized Learning

The combination of powerful technology with passionate teachers is creating a new path for personalization. Formative assessment is one of the first steps to personalizing the learning experience for students.

Personalized Learning

10 Reasons Teachers Make Great Bloggers

The reason I love blogging is because it reminds of building a lesson plan. It takes me back to those Sunday morning brainstorming sessions at coffee shops. Blogging is just like building an effective and interactive lesson plan — making teachers GREAT at it.

Personalized Learning

Virtual Academies at Work to Close the Achievement Gap

Technology presents a new opportunity to reach students in a unique and personalized way that allows for a customized education that adapts to the needs of students and provides a launchpad for significant, individualized growth. Virtual Academies are utilizing tech to close the current achievement gap in education. Here are three specific stories.


Better Understand Autism with Help from Dr Barry Prizant’s New Book: Uniquely Human

Uniquely Human shares dozens of engaging stories, experiences, and perspectives that collectively share a storyline of understanding autism on a different level — one that has not been typically told. This book challenges the idea of a behavioral-assessment approach, where one is focused on a checklist of deficits and thus defines the child (or adult) based on these behaviors.

Personalized Learning

Telepractioner: Providing the Next Generation of Student Support

Telepractice, also known as telehealth, is the next generation of therapy, and the telepractioner, the next generation of therapist. Find out what the makings of a happy telepractioner are and how they are transforming the lives of students with special needs.


Expanding the Reach of Online Learning to Special Education Students

Online and blended learning are not just for the general education population. Together, Fuel Education and PresenceLearning will deliver an integrated, online solution in which schools and districts can enroll special education students through a personalized learning platform.

Personalized Learning

Coding for the Future

Coding and Computer Science can support the next generation of learners — learners who will tackle even the most challenging of problems with anticipation and drive. We are amidst the Hour of Code, but we also must encourage our schools to be ready to take it to the next level. What will you do after your hour?