#BlendedJourney: Sharing Your Blended Learning Story

Whether you have been at it for several years, or you are in first year of implementing a blended learning program, the journey towards a more personalized and competency based learning experience is full of challenge and reward. This year, with support from DreamBox Learning we asked participants at #iNACOL14, to share their blended learning story. A packed ballroom with over 200 participants engaged in conversation with each other and the greater twitter community. The #blendedjourney hashtag, not only told the story of the session, but it also continued to stay active throughout the symposium, highlighting the value in such a conversation. Below is a recap of the inspirational collaboration that took place. For the full list of tweets and blog posts, visit our #blendedjourney Storify, and to continue the conversation, share your journey on social media with #blendedjourney.
Building Point of View. The best way to kick off a conversation like this? Ask educators what excites them about blended learning.

Determining What is Working. Participants worked in table groups to share their success stories along with tools that have helped support their journey.

The Shift to Student Centered Learning. Blended Learning allows teachers and schools to make a dramatic shift in the way students learn. It encourages the transformation from a teacher centered to a student centered learning environment.

Where Is this All Heading? Tom highlights the 10 trends identified in DreamBox’s recent publication: Blended Learning Innovations: 10 Major Trends and wraps with why this work, although difficult, is extremely important.

DreamBox (@DreamBox_Learn) and Getting Smart (@Getting_Smart) were excited to spark the conversation in Palm Springs, but we are also excited about the dialogue that can continue. Do you have ideas and stories to share about your own blended learning experience? Let us know! We look forward to continuing the conversation at #blendedjoureny.
DreamBox Learning and Instructure are Getting Smart Advocacy Partners.

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