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Personalized Learning

New Competency-Based Professional Learning Model for Educators

A new approach to blended, competency-based professional learning aims to give teachers "access to the right materials, to support the right competency development, at the right time, through a shared system for competency-based educator development" across seven skill areas.


Micro-credentials for Personalized, Powerful Professional Learning

A new report from Digital Promise further explores the potential of micro-credentials for educators. Digital Promise released Making Professional Learning Count: Recognizing Educators’ Skills with Micro-credentials -- a report that shares the results of a survey of teachers on their views on professional development and micro-credentials.

Personalized Learning

What I Learned From My Daughter’s First “C”

So, what did I learn from my daughter’s first “C" I learned there’s a fair amount of “unlearning” that still has to happen before we will all feel comfortable in completely competency-based learning environments. As more and more schools shift from letter grades to levels of mastery, we would all do well to continue challenging the assumptions we all have about how we define and describe when learning is or isn’t happening.


7 Leadership Competencies for Whole-System Change

There are leaders, and there are EdLeaders. Then there are leaders among EdLeaders--like Lyle Kirtman and Michael Fullan. This expert duo, applying decades of work in the field, recently came together to write and release a powerful guidebook for leading systemic (and sustainable) change. "Leadership: Key Competencies for Whole-System Change," published by Solution Tree.

Personalized Learning

10 Things That Haven’t Changed for Teachers in 10 Years

To say that a lot has changed for teachers in the ten years since Carri last taught would be an enormous understatement. But just like second graders today still long for the day they can read Harry Potter like they did ten years ago, there are some things about her past as a classroom teacher that just won’t change - no matter how many years pass.

Personalized Learning

It’s Time to Build a Better Transcript

There's a growing chasm between the information institutions capture about students and the type of information useful to students and future employers. Anecdotal evidence suggests that leading entrepreneurial businesses don’t even look at college transcripts, because the long list of cryptic course titles and credit hours don’t reveal what students actually learned.


Infographic | What is student data?

Just what do we mean when we say “Student Data?” A new Infographic and video shares the types of data that can come together—under requirements like privacy and security—to form a full picture of student learning.


Personalization + Privacy = Data Backpack

We believe the Student Data Backpack and Expanded Learning Profile address both the potential of student data to personalize learning and a path to protecting student information. This is not just a huge problem to solve, but a huge opportunity to seize.


Smart Parent Tip: See Inside Out

Seeing Inside Out provides a big opportunity for Smart Parents to be intentional about creating and talking about learning. You won’t find a film that strikes the balance between education and entertainment as much as this does.