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7 Traits of Learner-Centered Teachers

Working with teacher and leaders in Harmony Public Schools, we identified 7 traits of learner-centered teachers. Learner-centered teaching requires acting as a guide, providing on-demand support, leveraging technology for personalized learning, committing to professional growth, embodying core values, encouraging student autonomy, and creating authentic learning experiences.
Learner-Centered STEM at Harmony Public Schools

Putting the “Learner” in Learner-Centered STEM

Students and teachers from Harmony Public Schools describe the learner experience in a Learner-Centered STEM classroom.

Why PD for ELL Educators Matters

Personalized, professional learning is absolutely essential for teachers who serve unique student populations like English Language Learners (ELL). ELL students face the unique learning challenge of developing skills and content mastery while simultaneously acquiring a new language--often when their native language is not yet fully mastered. This means that teachers must also simultaneously meet these instructional goals.

What States Need to Know Now About ESSA

By: The Ed Fly. With the passage of the Every Students Succeeds Act (ESSA), states face an incredibly complex transition filled with both opportunities and potential perils. But states should not overreact. Here are five things states need to know about school accountability.

11 Key Elements of Learner-Centered STEM

The largest network of STEM schools in the country, Harmony Public Schools, is a pathway to college for youth from low income families--especially if they are interested in careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Here are eleven important elements of the Harmony school model that can inform a shift to Learner-Centered STEM in your school or district.

10 Must-Know Professional Development Insights from Discovery Education

In our work across the country, we've recognized a strong need from teachers and leaders for information to inform how they can implement personalized, digital learning. Professional development is a key factor in boosting the likelihood of implementation success. We talked to two leaders on the front lines of Professional Learning from Discovery Education and share 10 insights from our conversation here.

How 2 Minutes of SEL Can Change the Tone for the Day

What if two-minutes could change the tone of the classroom for the entire day? We visited Margie DiMuzio and Brittany Noble's classroom at Carson K-8 School in Cincinnati Public Schools, an innovative blended approach to teaching SEL to see how they are using two-minutes to change an classroom tone and attitude.