PeopleAdmin Partners with Tableau to Support Better Teacher Hiring

PeopleAdmin today announced a partnership with Tableau to allow K-12 educators and administrators to apply analytics to attract, identify, hire, develop, and manage highly qualified teachers and staff.

Take, for example, the pain point of getting quality substitute teachers in classrooms. TalentEd by PeopleAdmin’s SmartFind Solutions module has been serving this need, but with the new partnership it will be easier to figure out where the problems are and be proactive. So far, PeopleAdmin is used by approximately 1,000 higher education institutions and 5,000 K-12 organizations.Nick Montgomery, Chief Research Officer at PeopleAdmin, brings a great background to the work. After five years at Consortium on Chicago School Research, Nick worked with Tim Knowles to launch UChicago Impact to provide high impact tools to schools (read about Knowles bold new bet on out of school supports).

Montgomery joined former CPS CEO Ron Huberman at TeacherMatch in 2014. The company was acquired by PeopleAdmin last year.

“HR is understaffed in all organizations,” says Montgomery. “That’s particularly true in education.” He sees lots of opportunity, however, to help EdLeaders hire, develop and retain great teachers.

With their new partnership with Tableau, they plan to give districts access to enterprise-level data insights to support each stage of the talent management life cycle, empowering continuous district improvements and, ultimately, elevating education.

Some of their strategies for accomplishing this include developing a solution that will enable districts to more easily find substitutes to replace absent teachers, more easily track teachers’ attendance, and monitor upcoming needs for teacher staffing. SmartFind Express already does this to a certain extent, but what’s new here, according to Montgomery, is that districts will now be able to “not just slice and dice, but figure out the story behind the numbers.”

PeopleAdmin seeks to fill the following three primary HR niches for districts:

Recruiting and Hiring:

  • SchoolSpring. As the nation’s largest K-12-specific job board, SchoolSpring attracts more than 800,000 unique visitors each month.
  • Hire. Enables districts to more easily manage all recruiting and hiring activities, from job postings and interview schedules, to reference checks and diversity reports.
  • Educators Professional Inventory (EPI). Data-driven assessments and powerful analytics designed to identify the teacher and principal candidates most likely to improve student achievement.

Onboarding and Management:

  • Onboard. A digital onboarding solution designed to benefit schools, empower administrators, and protect students.
  • Records and Contracts. Save time, money, and resources spent on managing paperwork, manual cross-checking checklists and spreadsheets, and other multi-step processes and workflows your team coordinates.
  • SmartFind. SmartFind empowers schools and districts to forecast and plan for future absences with the most comprehensive tracking, customized reporting and advanced analytics support system for K-12 workforce planning and absence management.

Development and Retention:

  • Perform. A comprehensive evaluation system designed to handle all of your employee evaluation needs. Simplify, automate, and ensure a consistent observation, supervision, and evaluation process.
  • Develop. Thrive is a professional growth management system designed to transform the way professional learning is conceptualized, planned, delivered and managed.

Which functionality that will come out this new partnership will be the biggest improvement? The ability to make sense of all the information. “The amount of data coming in is like a firehose,” says Montgomery. “Improvement comes with being able to make sense of it and determine what’s next.”

Like PowerSchool, PeopleAdmin is owned by Vista Equity Partners, an Austin-based private equity fund that has been aggressive about trying to bring about the platform revolution in education.

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