Eight Web-Based Tools for Delivering Flipped Lessons

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By Tom Jager
Flipped learning is one of most recent trends in education, challenging the traditional way of providing knowledge to students. With this method, instead of using traditional strategies that have children learning the material in class and then solving associated problems at home, they learn the material prior coming to class and then engage in active learning when they come to class.
Put more simply, the traditional order of classroom events is reversed, or “flipped.” It also involves an extensive use of technology to deliver knowledge, the effectiveness of which is supported by significant evidence.
Are you ready to flip your classroom? These eight online tools will be a great help.
1. Sophia Flipped Classroom Course
If you just started to educate yourself on the advantages of using the methods of the flipped classroom, Sophia can be very useful for you. It provides a great course for educators on how to implement the new methods in the classroom quickly and effectively. Sophia invites them to register for a Flipped Classroom program to get the information about features and secrets of the strategy, so any teacher can become educated and ready to implement in a matter of days.
Being properly educated is a key to successful implementation of flipped learning—do not miss the opportunity to advance your expertise while transforming your classroom.
2. Ted Ed
According to Flipped Institute, videos are among the most important tools used in the classroom. Have you used videos in your class before? Well, with Ted Ed, you will start to take advantage of the visual help. This platform for creating video lessons invites educators to flip their classrooms with the help of visual learning. All that needs to be done is entering the topic of the lesson—for example, “Abraham Lincoln”—and the platform shows a number of educational videos that are great for creating lessons. Additionally, educators are even allowed to embed a YouTube video if they wish to use a video they found previously.
3. Edmodo
This online platform allows students, teachers, and parents to connect with each other and share content related to the education process. It is great for children, because it facilitates active learning and use of digital content in education, thus improving technological expertise, critical thinking and collaboration. Through online discussions, learning groups, contests, individualized assignments and the possibility of feedback from both children and their parents, Edmodo can be really powerful. Read these articles from EmergingEdTech for reasons why this platform is an excellent educational tool.
4. PlayPosit
This is a completely online tool that is already used by 1 million users to create, assign, and track the progress of the class on flipped methods. It uses great tools like interactive learning, quizzes and educational videos that help to engage the learners in a fun and effective learning process. Similar to Ted Ed, educators can take videos and transform them into an active experience for students with time-embedded activities. “Active learning is a critical component of flipped learning,” says one senior educator from ProEssayWriting, “and this is supported by the latest reports.”
5. Screencast-O-Matic
Another awesome tool that can be used to record on-screen activity and share it with the students. For example, let’s imagine that students need to learn a computer program that they might be using in the workplace in the future. Teachers can use Screencast-O-Matic to record tutorials on the screen (with voice instructions) and share them with the students. As a result, they have a legitimate video lesson created by their own educator, which has a number of advantages—for example, teachers will be able to answer questions about the video because they made the lessons themselves. Sound interesting? Tutorial videos for the tool can be found here.
6. Educreations
Ever wondered how you can turn your iPad into a legitimate educating tool? Educreations is great for this task, as it can be used to transform iPads and browsers into recordable interactive whiteboards. As a result, educators can create custom lessons and share them with their classes through the platform, where they are stored in the cloud to be accessible from anywhere, anytime. The students’ works can also be recorded and replayed, which allows teachers to see their progress and help them if needed. Hundreds of teachers around the U.S. are using Educreations, so its effectiveness is proven.
7. Explain Everything
Do you need to enhance learning experiences and educational practices for your students? Even if you cannot visit the classroom, Explain Everything will help you deliver instructional material to students via pre-recorded video or online streaming. Additionally, the tool allows educators to create projects and templates that could be used for lessons, and requires students to develop presentations and tutorials as well. Among other cool features of the platform is the ability to import photos, videos, drawing and annotating, notes, and interactive designs with every object in the lesson material.
8. Zaption
Interactive learning experiences can be created by Zaption, which is a tool that turns online videos into engaging lessons. Like any other great platform for flipped classrooms, the lessons are highly customized. For example, teachers can add images, questions, texts and other materials to the video, as well as create quizzes that target specific learning needs. Another great feature of Zaption is data on the response from learners—for example, educators can determine how many times the lessons were viewed and how many questions were answered. Plus, the performance, skips forward, and number of unique viewers of each lesson can also be assessed.
Flipped learning here to stay, so the number of online tools for delivering interactive lessons grows every week. These tools can help you flip your classroom and deliver the most engaging and effective experience for your learners.
Tom Jager is a professional blogger at A-writer.

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