2014: A Reflection

Dear Smart Friends,
As we reflect on the last year, we can’t help but be excited about advancements in education that hold promise for improving learning opportunities for all. In 2014 we have thoroughly enjoyed working on a variety of engagements, publications and launching new services all focused on innovations in teaching and learning.
A few highlights on Getting Smart engagements this year included:

  • Partnering with non-profits and for-profits on strategic communications including public relations and social media;
  • Leading workshops on Blended Learning and professional development in more than 15 cities;
  • Presenting at national and regional events and conferences;
  • Managing a national competition to help reimagine the school report card;
  • Leading school districts through strategic planning processes.

2014 was another year of great content creation. With partners we produced a wide range of publications that included white papers, ebooks, briefs, field research, school profiles, blog series and infographics. Some common themes among our key publications included:

Our greatest content achievement of 2014 was publishing Tom’s newest book, Smart Cities that Work for Everyone: 7 Keys to Education & Employment. If you haven’t already, check out one of the blogs from over 60 contributors in the Smart Cities series. A copy of Smart Cities also makes a great stocking stuffer. Get your copy now!
We also launched our newest service, the Smart Bundle. A compilation of blogs with an introduction and conclusion designed in a sharable, and printable, PDF. This year we presented…

Check out the exhaustive list of our publications by visiting, GettingSmart.com/publication.
This year we have spanned the globe attending educational conferences and meeting dedicated colleagues. From Moscow to Austin, we loved the chance to network and learn from so many talented and passionate people. Some of the conferences we attended include,

We have seen incredible growth on GettingSmart.com nearly tripling our traffic from 2013 to 2014 and added over 35K followers on the Getting Smart social media platforms.
We have also expanded our team with the addition of Jennifer Aalgaard, Communications Manager, Bonnie Lathram, Project Manager, Tyler Nakatsu, Content Coordinator & Mary Ryerse, Senior Project Manager in 2014.
As we reflect on our work, we are thankful for the incredible people we have the privilege to work with. We are so lucky to have the support of our advocacy partners, friends and, most importantly, family. We look forward to the new year and what that brings for us all!
Happy Holidays from all of us at Getting Smart.
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Getting Smart Staff

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