Modern Policy for Modern Learners


Modern Policy For Modern Learners: Building Support for Modernized Federal Communications Policy to Power Connected Learning
Authored by: Getting Smart
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The convergence of key trends across technology, education and communications policy presents the United States with an unprecedented opportunity to develop a plan to leverage 21st century technologies and broadband Internet platforms to enhance educational opportunities, reduce disparities and connect students to the new world of boundless online content and limitless possibilities.

The purpose of this report is to describe the opportunities for expanded access to a high-quality education created by high-access, connected learning environments. Situated against the backdrop of the shifting policy environment around communications legislation, this discussion aims to bring our perspective as strong advocates for innovation in teaching and learning to bear on key policy decisions. Specifically, in order to build the case for improved connectivity and provide intellectual support for modernizing the Federal Communications Act, we explore the impact of the Internet on education, describe why connectivity matters and offer recommendations for building a policy environment reflects the convergence of education with communications policy.

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