Staff Picks: Online Learning, DIY, Edtech & Funding

Tom Picks “Better Online Learning”

Tom says, “I’m proud of  the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (where I’m a director) for promoting quality online learning. This blog outlines 8 ways that online learning is different and 6 things states can do to make it better.”

Karen Picks “DIY: Business Basics High School Grads Should Know”

Karen says, “This post is so appropriate. We get lost making sure the basics are there, but these really are basic also.  A basic understanding of business and finance should be in every graduate’s thinking cap.”

Carri Picks “50 Essential Edtech Tools by Category”

Carri says, “For the eager but overwhelmed teacher, this list is a gold mine!”

Sarah Picks “Digital Learning Now! Outlines 3 Strategies for Funding Computer Access

Sarah says, “Funding access to personal digital learning is a real challenge for states, districts, and schools. This first Smart Series white paper offers great solutions that education leaders should take note of.”

Allison Picks “Virtual Projects to Add to Real World Field Trips

Allison says, “This is an excellent way for students to utilize technology to enhance the learning experience – and for the creative ones to use the technology to show what they learned. Great ideas!”

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