Staff Picks: Smart Teachers, Digital Learning Policy, IWB, & Portfolios

Karen Picks “Battle for Whiteboard-Market Supremacy Heats Up”

Karen says, “The crux of this issue is really in the following statement and question: Complicating those decisions are changes in the technological landscape that are raising questions about the long-term educational relevance of interactive whiteboards. Do classrooms really need them in the age of iPads?”

Sarah Picks “Get Up & Dance: 5 Ways to Motivate Zombie Students”

Sarah says, “What an amazing teacher! Susan Lucille Davis shows us how innovative, passionate teachers can truly make a difference in the classroom by capturing the attention of their students in the 21st century. What’s more, she inspires her students to find their inner motivation and drive with inventive tools for learning. We’re all on the edge of our seats for her next article.”

Tom Picks “Scooch Over LMS, e-Portfolio Wants a Seat At the Table

Tom says, “Adam Renfro provides a great overview of the growing importance of portfolios to assess and archive student work.”

Caroline Picks “Overcoming Governance Challenges in K-12 Online Learning”

Caroline says, “John Chubb outlined 10 steps to barrier reduction that will be important to expanding access to online and blended learning opportunities. Chubb’s recommendations align pretty well with the 10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning from Digital Learning Now.”

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