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Tom Picks 5 Strategies to Deliver Access to Every Student

Tom says, “Every American student deserves equitable access to great learning content and great teachers.  A take-home access device for every student is key.  Discussions at CUE and COSN in the last few weeks helped inform a set of strategies states and districts can use to power learning for all students.  John Danner commented that the big remaining challenge is home broadband access for low-income families.”

Karen Picks “‘League of Innovative Schools’ Seeks New Ideas, Solutions”

Karen says, “Public/private partnerships are an important source of innovation.  A network like the League of Innovative Schools provides a great venue to try new strategies, tools, and school models.”

Photo Courtesy of MIM Learning

Sarah Picks “Physical Activity Proves a Vital Function in Cognitive Ability in Recent Studies”

Sarah says, “It’s great to see how we can use new technologies and science to verify and improve old fundamental truths about best learning practices. Minds-in-Motion (MIM) is evidence that we can marry technologies with the classroom to promote healthier lifestyles for students. I enjoyed learning how the MIM games and exercises helped students increase cognitive abilities.”

Caroline Picks “Students Inspire College Readiness With Street Art

Caroline says, “I am loving our new Friday Films by SchoolTube series. These students, teachers and leaders are posting incredibly innovative and inspiring films. The Going Mindless Competition highlighted in this week’s post is a great way for student’s to show their creativity.”

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