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Tom Picks “Creative Cities: New Orleans & Imagine K12 Demo Day: 11 Rising Startups

Tom says, “Last week I visiting startups in New Orleans one night and attended the ImagineK12 demo day in Palo Alto the next day. Two years ago a week like that would not have happened. The ‘near spontaneous eruption of innovation’ (as Michael Moe puts it) and the inflow of talent and investment into education is very exciting and holds great promise for improved student achievement.”

Karen Picks “Creating Authentic Jobs For Student Learning Teams

Karen says, “Susan asks the perfect questions and points out important notes in this blog. ‘We haven’t asked enough of our students in the jobs we create for them,’ she said. ‘Will they have the skills and capacities they will need for filtering information, finding qualified teachers, through difficulties, and managing their learning?’ It is important to look at the roles that students should play in their own education and entrust them with that responsibility.”

Carri Picks “5 Instructional Shifts to Promote Deeper Learning

Carri says, “This guest post shows the important connection between digital learning and deeper learning. As the author asserts, technology can facilitate the more meaningful engagement necessary to realize the goal of the Common Core State Standards. We’ll be releasing a white paper soon that expands on this important connection.”

Caroline Picks “Creative Cities: New Orleans

Caroline says, “I really appreciate this new series highlighting the great work happening in cities around the country. Having just been to New Orleans for Virtual School Symposium I know first hand the great work that is being done for the students. The combination of John White’s leadership, robust ed tech marketplace, and online and blended school options, Louisiana students have more options than ever before.”
“I’m so happy with the quality of the teacher channel on Getting Smart and appreciate the role that they play in shaping our students in today’s education world,” she added.

Allison Picks “What Does an Ideal Learning Environment Look Like?

Allison says, “So many kids learn best in a hands on environment. Nothing says you have to learn sitting in a classroom at a desk.”

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