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Tom Picks Blended Learning: Iterating Toward Better Learning At Scale

Tom says, “Philanthropy Roundtable does a great job of informing foundations of sector developments. A great examle is the keynote that Alex Hernandez delivered at last week’s meeting. He concluded, ‘The state of blended learning is early–but it’s good enough to get started. We can have better schools, for our own children, in our lifetimes.'”

Karen Picks “SMARTtech Roundup: Digital Developments and More

Karen says, “Everytime I read the Roundup I learn all that I really need to know.  This is the best synopsis of edtech in the country!”

Carri Picks “14 High Schools Worth Visiting

Carri says, “It’s true; high schools are stuck. But, with some inspiration from schools that are moving freely toward the future of learning, we can advance the high school experience for students across the country.”

Caroline and Sarah Pick “How to Tell a True Inspirational Story

Caroline says, “I love that idea of inspiration as Susan explains in her post. The inspiration she talks about lives within each person just waiting to come out. Its a lot like leadership and knowing its ok to fail. I think the key is innovation and leadership both need someone who is first of all inspirational.”
Sarah says, “Teaching includes finding the spark in each student intrinsically want to learn throughout their entire lives. Susan’s post on telling an inspiration story is great. Her students are so lucky learn from her!”

Allison Picks “Q&A: Games Transform Online Language Learning

Allison says, “This would have made learning Spanish a whole lot easier and I’m sure more fun!”

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