Staff Picks: AEI & Fordham Reports, McGraw-Hill Language Arts

Tom Picks Fordham’s Creating Sound Policy for Digital Learning

Tom say, “Fordham release two must read reports this week. Teachers in the Age of Digital Learning by Public Impact is the best description of how the profession will change with the adoption of new tools.  Paul Hill’s School Finance in the Digital Learning Era includes a breakthrough concept called backpack funding that includes facilities component.   Here’s my review of both papers.

Caroline Picks “McGraw-Hill Education Launches First-Ever Online Language Arts Program

Caroline says, “I love that online learning is not just for math and science any longer. Companies are now leveraging technology for arts and humanities subjects. As a communications major, I love the idea of Writer’s Workshop. Unlike some math skills that you learn and will never use again (think of those crazy calculus lessons), writing will be used every day in every career. Not just writing either, it will most likely be writing online with a technology device. I’m excited to see more of these programs evolve!”

Sarah Picks “Uniting Online Learning and Self-Directed Learning – A New Relationship”

Sarah says, “Online and blended learning is a relatively new model of learning. As it’s becoming a chosen model among more and more educators and students, providers learn new strategies for tackling some of the challenges. This week Lauren Wanger shared with us how virtual programs can be improved to ensure that students are ready for a self-directed learning model and provide them with the tools to be successful.”

Karen Picks Beyond Good and Evil

Karen says, “Believing in the good motives of both sides of the education conversation, I selected this piece by Michael Horn because he very clearly and honestly outlines the Good and Evil of ‘Public Education.’  As Michael points out there are more similarities than differences between nonprofits and for-profits.  Let’s focus on the tools our students and teacher need and find the fastest way to make them available at scale.”

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